Pakistan takes out a ban on TikTok

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority announces that they have taken out a ban on TikTok after 11 days of being banned by south Asian countries. This short-term popular video-making application reported creating some problems like getting down the morale of peoples. But with this decision, they warned that if TikTok does not modify the content that this application contains, they can permanently block it.

In Pakistan, 20 million people install TikTok every month and get 14.7 million users in 2020 only; that is the most significant number of people like any application. That's by the Pakistan government should follow the social regulation to uplift the morality in the people. From the meeting with the Pakistani telecom department, TikTok agreed to modify the content according to law.

One great thing TikTok authority modify is it rules about fraud and illegal content creator. Top management announces that if anyone misuses this application to make nonsense among the people and TikTok refuses to block them, the authority can ban it anytime. 

Authority warned everyone that doesn't use TikTok for transmitting vulgarity from their content. Pakistan Telecommunication authority compelled the application owner to block them from their country’s amusement platform. 

Pakistan's authority has taken decisive action against TikTok in July this month to make it illegal to install. They recognized some videos that shown some unpredicted, vulgar, and immoral content. At that time, TikTok continuously traces the content and makes a list of some great content in this URL. With this assurance, they offer the government some money for investment on behalf of lift up from ban. 

The Pakistani government also banned some other apps like Techmeme. It shows that the Pakistani government wants to take some steps to implement the proper abbreviation in the country. This year the Pakistani government disclosed some extensive regulation on the internet abbreviates that badly affected American tech companies running in the country. But soon, they had faced some problems when Google, Facebook, and Twitter warned to cancel their presence on the platform.  

TikTok records it has a vast market and subscribers in the Indian market outside of China. But due to cybersecurity issues, India has banned the TikTok and other hundreds of applications that concern China. As a neighbor of Pakistan, India has banned lots of Chinese applications.

ByteDance company has founded TikTok that is loved worldwide, but after a few months, ' users create some nonsense content from them that trend it to ban in many countries. The United States government and the Indian government prohibited this application because of cybersecurity reasons. If you felt like making your app, you can use a Pro-Business plan to make a business strategy.

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